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Classroom Rules and Policies

Materials Needed:

· Spiral Notebook
Folder and 3 ring binder 
· Something with which to write (pencils will be needed for some tests.)
· Calculator (Ideally one with logarithms on it… Math IV and Physics require a TI-83+)
· Book cover
·  Some way to move computer information…for instance:  flash drive,  Yahoo student account, Google account...

Accessing the Class Web Page (You're here... But in case you want to show someone else...)

· You can access this site by going to the D.C. Everest Home page http://www.dce.k12.wi.us/srhigh/
and  then click on the staff directory tab.
Scroll down to my name.  Then click on the globe.  That will take you to

On Line Textbook Access:   
The textbook we will be using is Pearson Chemistry. To assure that your textbook is always available (without having to lug it around), you are to download the complete textbook onto your iPad. To do so, you will need to have the Pearson E-Text for Schools(be certain to get the correct one). Here’s the Pearson Tutorial for Accessing your text book on the iPad.

If you wish to access the textbook from a different device on line, do the following. Go to the Pearson Realize Login page. Click on the Easy Bridge button on the bottom of the textbox. Find our district listing. D C EVEREST AREA SCH DISTRICT-INT. Login with your student ID and password.
Please sign-in using one of the two formats: DCE\username or username@dce.k12.wi.us
DO NOT use username@students.dce.k12.wi.us Leave the students part out.

Select the Pearson Chemistry program and the chapter you are interest in exploring. You should find at the bottom of the menu a link to the online textbook. From there you can access any chapter/section of the book

Grading: Homework, Labs, and Quizzes

·See class handout for individual class policies.  
·Access your grades through PowerSchool Learning
A review sheet/outline/concept map will be assigned for each chapter. This should be completed at least one day prior to the chapter test. 
·All work is to be compiled in an organized fashion. (probably a 3-ring binder) (40 points per quarter)
There are suggested homework problems to key on within the chapter.  These problems are NOT due, but if you do them, you should include in your organized work.  
· Labs will generally be due two days after the completion of the lab unless otherwise noted.
· Quizzes may be announced or unannounced.
· A notebook/participation/deportment grade may be given.


· Will generally be announced one week in advance.
· Multiple choice, essay, true and false, short answer, and other formats are used.

· Sample ACT and AP Test questions, possible participation in the ACS Chemistry Olympiad… will also be tools used.

· Remediation will consist of students...

o         Showing completion of the unit pretest

o         Completing designated book problems and all homework

o         Meeting with the instructor within a week of the test to be remediated.

o         Completion of the re-test within a week’s time or by an agreed upon date.

Late Work and Absences:

· Missed papers may be picked up in the stand in front of the room
Late work is not acceptable.
Tests/Quizzes/Labs/homework should be made up within the number of days equal to your absence. It is your responsibility to make arrangements to make up this work. Absences are sometimes very difficult to make up.


· Will not be tolerated and will result in an F for the quarter grade.

Grading Scale:

·          The 4 Point Grading System will be used. 


3.1 - 4.0



1.50 - 1.99


2.76 - 3.09



1.0 - 1.49


2.50 - 2.75



0.50 -0.99


2.0 - 2.49



0-0.4 9

Please consult the general grading rubric for specific grading details

  • Semester Grade Determination (Approximate breakdown)

  • ·          60% of your grade will be determined by tests.

  • ·          20% laboratory assignments and reports. 

  • ·          10% of the quarter grade will be determined by homework/quizzes.

  • ·          10% Semester final exam (which will be cumulative during both semesters) 

  • ·          Labs will generally be due two days after the completion of the lab unless otherwise noted.

  • ·          Work of differing degrees of difficulty may be weighted differently. 

  • ·          Quizzes may be announced or unannounced.

  • ·          A notebook/participation/deportment grade may be given.

Other notes:

Start Memorizing ion chart. One of the biggest predictor of your success in chemistry is whether or not you know your ions! Check out http://quizlet.com/13243869/dce-chemistry-common-ion-list-flash-cards/

Approximate timeline
Chapter 1-5, 25                           1st quarter
Chapter 6-11                             2nd quarter
Chapter 12-15                           3rd quarter
Chapter 16-19                         4th quarter

D.C. Everest Senior High
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Bill Heeren, Teacher
November 16, 2013

Phone (715) 359-6561
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