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Up, Up, and Away!

We are so lucky to have people who are willing to go above and beyond.  Whether it is that nurse or doctor at the hospital who puts in the extra effort studying and knowing symptoms; that politician who puts  the welfare of all above his (or her) own term in office; the painter who quest for perfection adds so much to our community; the businessperson who recognizes that ethics and community are more important than the profit margin; in short people from all walks of life who work very hard not just in making the world a better place for him(her)self, but also improving the lot for all; we are so fortunate to have individuals who are so giving of their time and talent.  That certainly is true here at D.C. Everest.

Every year there are students who want to learn more than just what is found in the textbook.  They want to immerse themselves in a study that allows them to internalize the basics of the discipline in a real world application.  This year is no different.  

As a way of assisting those individuals with their work and to show others what is possible in a school setting, you will find on subsequent pages examples of past projects, tentative classroom plans for those involved in honors chemistry to help achieve those individual goals, and other information that individuals have requested be posted on the Net.  If you would like to see something in particular posted, please let me know.  

Past Projects

SMART Team web site

Vernier website 
(useful for sensor manual and other sensor downloads)

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