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It is a privilege to be able to work, to interact, to learn with, and to teach the next generation.  In addition to learning some chemistry, hopefully together we will also be able to make it easier for all students to succeed not only in the school in the future, but also on the job and in society.  We really need all of us to work together.  If I can make a small positive impact on how students view their abilities and each other, then I too will have made a positive contribution.

What follows below are two documents that in the past I have sent home with students.  One is a letter to the students, explaining major philosophy and goals we have in class.  The other is a note to parents that also explains somewhat those philosophies but also invites parents to stay as involved as possible. 

Letter to Students explaining Philosophy and Goals

Letter to Parents

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Bill Heeren, Teacher
November 16, 2013

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