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Up Close and Personal

Hi I'm Bill Heeren!  (My last name is pronounced like hare wren, or if you wish like the Great Blue Heron pictured here.) Here is a little something about myself.


I have been  a teacher here at D.C. Everest for a long time.  I was here during Bhopal, the Challenger Tragedy, Chernobyl, the Exxon Valdez, and Desert Storm.  I was at Everest for Jeffrey's discovery of genetic fingerprinting, Andersson's graphical interface for the World Wide Web, the decoding of the human genome, Smalley's (and others) discovery of buckyballs, among many other discoveries.   During that time I have had the privilege of getting to know and work with many exceptional people at D.C. Everest - students, community and staff members - individuals who will (or already do) make a difference at a local level if not a global level.  What I have found so reassuring and inspirational over the years is that young people understand  (among other things...) --
  the importance of individuals working together
  the relationship between hard work and success
  their responsibilities to the environment and each other
and that we live in a community  that understands the importance of education and helps in many ways.  
It is a privilege and an honor to teach.

There have been so many wonderful memories over the years.  Chick a boom, KC and Montana, Zuel the corn king, Cob, the seasonal twins, ...(and too many other inside messages to mention).  I was thinking of posting the scrap book that have kept of the photos from all of classes.  Maybe someday.  If you are a former student and are interested in seeing a photo, drop me a line....

Also, if you are a former student, and are just surfing, please drop a line and say hi!  I would love to hear from you!

Perhaps though, you are a former staff member or an associate that knows me from some workshop, college course,  or seminar.  Perhaps to confirm that relationship,  I list some of the programs that I was involved in over the past 10 years.  If you were a partner in one of those  or other learning adventures, please let me know how things are going with you.

·  Project FIRST (Field Involvement Research for Science Teachers) through the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters NSF Grant '92 and '93
  MaTR (Macromolecular Teacher Resource Institute)Polyed, NSF and Intersociety Polymer Education Council Grant UWSP '95 '96
  Wisconsin Academic Staff Development Initiative NSF Grant '97 and '98
  ICE Material Science Workshop NSF '99
  Statistics in the Science Classroom NSF '99
  DataStreme NSF, American Meteorological Society, and NOAA Spring'01
  Webwatchers Institute NSTA NSF Grant '01
  Wisconsin River Basin Assessment Project Eisenhower Summer/Fall '02 Spring '03
ESCAPE Fall 2002
·Water in the Earth's System (WES) American Meteorological Society Spring 2003
·Research in the High School NSF Summer 2003
·Molecular Modeling Workshop  Center for Biomolecular Modeling, MSOE,  WisTEP Summer 2004
·ACS Advanced Chemistry Workshop Summer 2006
·Molecular Modeling Workshop  Center for Biomolecular Modeling, MSOE 2007
·ACS Green Chemistry Workshop Duquesne University Summer 2008
·SMART Team Workshop, Center for Biomolecular Modeling MSOE, Summer 2008
·National Center for Learning and Teaching in Nanoscale Science and Engineering, Purdue University Summer 2009/2010
· American Meteorological Society’s  Earth’s Climate System, Spring 2010
· Studies in Air Quality for Science Educators, the Storm Project, University of Northern Iowa, Summer 2010
· Modeling Our Molecular World, Center for Biomolecular Modeling, MSOE, Summer 2011
Physics of Atomic Nuclei, National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University, Summer 2012
·Nuclear Science and Engineering Workshop, University of Missouri-Columbia, Summer 2013
·Siemens STEM Institute, Discovery Education, Washington, D.C., Summer 2014
• 3D Printing in the Science Classroom, Center for Biomolecular Modeling Summer 2015
• Teaching Climate Science Workshop, AMS and ACS, Door County Summer 2016
• AP Chemistry Institute, UW Madison Summer 2017
• Project Maury... US Naval Academy and AMS, Summer 2017
• Climate Science Workshop UW Madison Fall 2018

D.C. Everest Senior High
6500 Alderson Street
Weston, WI 54476

Bill Heeren, Teacher
November 16, 2013

Phone (715) 359-6561
Extension 4204
Fax (715) 355-7220