Modeling Our Molecular World  Summer 2011

"If only molecules could talk... Wait!  They do!"

 Designing HA Binding Proteins

The Model: Jmol Animations
• Antibody CR6261 bound to Hemagglutinin
•De Novo Protein Attachment to Hemagglutinin
•Conserved Locations in Hemagglutinin
Model Description
        •Summary Sheet

"Precipitating" Carbon ... Rubisco

The Model
                   •Jmol Animation
Model Descriptions

  •Rubisco:  Structure and Function

  •Rubisco Poster

  • Rubisco & Teaching Photosynthesis

"Fixing" Addiction... Cocaine Receptor and Degradation Enzyme

The Models:

•Dopamine and Cocaine
Jmol Animation

•Cocaine Degradation Enzyme
        •Jmol Enzyme


Some Teaching Tools
•Impacts of Drugs on Neurotransmission
• Quiz:  The Brain and Addiction
• I Can Quit Anytime I want:  PDFPowerPoint
• Case Teaching Notes for "I Can Quit Anytime I want:  The Biological Basis of Euphoria and Addiction
•Mouse Party Worksheet
•Chemistry of Cocaine 
•Bioethics Scenario.. Addiction Vaccination
•Exploring the New Science of Addiction
•Treatment Activity and Teacher Guide
•Background Information
•Possible Cocaine Unit Addiction Plan
•Cocaine and Dopamine

Some Videos
•How does cocaine affect the brain?
•Secret Life of the Brain

Shutting off the "Kill" Switch... XIAP
X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein

The Model
                   •Jmol Animation
Model Description
        •Summary Sheet



If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Heeren at the following email address:

Background images are from pdb files downloaded from the Protein Data Bank.

The images are of catalase, single stranded DNA, and of insulin. 
The pdb file numbers (Brookhaven Extension numbers) are 4BLC, 1EW1,  and 2CEU.