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Family and Friends 

No one is an island, and that certainly is the case with me.  I have been blessed in so many ways having wonderful students, a supportive community, and understanding family and friends.  To give you an idea of where I have been, what I like to do and some of the people who really make/made a difference, I offer the following.

Outside of my students, the people who are most responsible for my success are my immediate family.  My wife Linda has played as big of a role in my classroom as I have on many occasions with her creative suggestions, her editing skills, and her superior intellect. (Now that should be worth something huh?? J ) Seriously D.C. Everest (and of course I have been too) has been very lucky to have access to her incredible talent. But I have been even more lucky to have a wife who understands the demands and sacrifices of teaching and willingly helps in whatever way she can.  My two daughters have also helped in numerous ways.  I have a fantastic family.  Thank you three.  I love you!  (To decipher take out of wingdings font. J)

My extended family has also been instrumental in my work.  I have a marvelous mother, a  great sister and brother-in-law (my sister would be rated super but she didn't become a good cook until she was married... and I had to eat the goolash when we were growing up and she needed someone on which to experiment. --  Hi Sis!  J) and had a father who continues to inspire me daily. The family I married into as well as my extended families by birth are hardworking, talented, creative good people.  I thank them all for their example and the help they have rendered and continue to provide. 

I have been molded by other people as well.  There have been some spiritual giants in the church of which I belong that have inspired reflection and contemplation and hopefully more. My friends too continue to cause me to ponder.  J.   Seriously, some of them have caused great rumination.   Whether it was/is during the bike ride, on the ski trail or the softball field, much musings have gone on.  Thank you all!   

Last but certainly not least are the many staff members with whom I have been honored to work.  Whether we have worked directly with each other in class or indirectly by fixing a gas line, securing various supplies for classroom needs, providing the music, or poetry or the support behind the scene... your support and efforts were/are most appreciated.  There are many colleagues throughout the state and country that have also assisted in many ways.  I am grateful to you too! 

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Bill Heeren, Teacher
November 16, 2013

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