SMART Team Investigations  

DCE SMART Teams and Topics

2019-20 VHF-Ebola:  Tuning into a Killer
 - Lucas Allen, Kayla Johnson, Vanessa Kamke, Brian Kee, Maddie Martin, Kayleigh Oestreicher, Ellery Patridge, Benjamin Prunuske, Sophie Winowiski
2018-19 The Opioid Crisis:  Hooked on a Feeling
 - Lucas Allen, Zoe Anderson, Kelsey Casper, Aaliyah Edson, Lindsey Friend, Michael Krueger, Alec Kysely, Maddie Martin, Skyler Moye, Taylor Olund, Miriam Peters, Tim Plevak, Erica Rupple, Jordan Russell, Ekin Vang, Phoebe Wheeler, Sophie Winowiski,Pajnra Xiong
2017-18 Insulin and Glucagon:  Nature's Anabolic and Catabolic Thermostats
 - Liane Kee, Sydney Freiberg, Gavin Lloyd, Grace Martin, Skyler Moye, Varick Peak, Tim Plevak
2016-17 Globins:  Oxygen's Catch and Release
- Alexander Bluestein, Vanessa Bradfish, Sydney Freiberg, Liane Kee, Makenna Krueger, Gavin Lloyd, Rachel Mallum, Grace Martin, Peyton Molling, Skyler Moye, Megan Ninnemann, Varick Peak, Miriam Peters, Tim Plevak
2015-16 Aquaporins:  Channelling Life's Vital Fluid
-Emily Adams, Jurnee Beilke, Alexander Bluestein, Vanessa Bradfish, Cassie Ebner, Liane Kee, Makenna Krueger, Horeb Mahmood, Rachel Mallum, Grace Martin, Peyton Molling, Megan Ninnemann, Jonathan Nelson, Sydney Olund, Varick Peak, Morgan Severson
2014-5 Group AWhite Matters:  MLD, ASA, and Saposin B 
Group B:   Toledo Toxin:  Microcystin and Phosphatase Inhibition 
-Emily Adams, Jurnee Beilke, Jacob Benzaquen, Alex Bluestein, Vanessa Bradfish, Cassie Ebner, Savannah Frei, Ryan Loos, Horeb Mahmood, Josh Merchant, Megan Ninnemann,  Jonathan Nelson, Michael Plaza, Dorene Sanchez, Dylan Sebo, Morgan Severson, Michelle VanVuren
2013-14 Ricin (and Human Protein Disulfide Isomerase) and its role in  RIP... (Ribosomal Inactivitating Proteins)

- Alexis Abrego, Emily Adams, Chris Babiarz, Jurnee Beilke, Ramsey Beilke, Zachary Bluestein, Cassie Ebner, Matt Gargulak, Jenni Geurink, Ryan Loos, Michael Lukasik, Rachel Maguire, Josh Merchant, Jon Nelson, Michael Plaza, Hayley Schnae, Michelle VanVuren


2012-2013 Three Bee Venom Proteins... A Look at the Non-Immunological Cellular Damage Caused by the Bee Venom

- Alexis Abrego, Ramsey Beilke, Zachary Bluestein, Derick Christianson, Matthew Gargulak, Rachel Maguire,Jonathon Wenzel


2011-2012  Understanding the Molecular Mechanism of a Historical and Current Killer: Yersina Pestis' Pla Protein, Anti-Clotting, the Black Plague and other similar maladies.

-Ramsey Beilke, Zachary Bluestein, Alex Esselman, Matthew Gargulak, Anna Grim, Trevor Kraeger, Hailey Nuthals, Zachary Peterson, Kaitlyn Rothamer, Tyler Stokka, Ben Weber, Jonathon Wenzel
2010-2011 OpcA, Heparin, and Fibronectin:  Meningitis and How Neisseria meningitidis crosses the blood brain barrier.

- Kassidy Branning, Anna Grim, Trevor Kraeger, Emilee Mytinger, Kaitlyn Rothamer, Tyler Stokka, Ben Weber, Chris Werner , Jordan Williams

2009-2010 NS1 protein and Interferon:  How some virus shut down our Innate Immune System.
-Rachel Babiarz, Garrett Block, Luke Carter, Jacob Daigle, Lucas Dahlke, Tyler Ebert, Jacob Flath, Anna Grim, Dua Her, Jordan Kappel, Trevor Kraeger, Bryan Lampkin, Jeff Marquardt, Kaitlyn Rothamer, Kyle Schwan, Tyler Stokka, Ben Weber, Melisa Werner, Josh Zahrt
2008-2009 Drug Therapy, Cancer, Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor and RAS How can cancer be slowed or stopped? 
-Mitchell Asplund, Colton Cummings, Tom Fish, Sam Joswiak, Erin Lawrence, Shaenah Maguire, Addela Marzofka, Brady Sebo, Jim Sloger, Derek Unrau, Ching Vang, Kaosong Xiong, Kaoley Vue, Jon Hohol, Brandon Radloff
2007-2008 Synthetic Steroids and the Androgen receptor: How can artificial steriods enhance athletic performance more than natural steriods?
- Jon Hohol, Ben Krentz, Sean McKenna, Brandon Radloff, Ryan Feathers, Dominic Fladland, Justin Schield
2006-2007 E-Coli (Escherichia coli) O157:H7: How eating food contaminated in E-coli could result in death? (It does not have to be just raw meat either)
-Ben Krentz, Sean McKenna, Lora Orme, Justin Schield, Kalyn Stroik, Nick Thorson
2005-2006 Hemagglutinin and Neuraminidase H5N1: The impact of pH of viral infections: How a mutation in viral structure could result in a pandemic?
-Ben Krentz, Sean McKenna, Shane Prondzinski, Justin Schield

Background images are from pdb files downloaded from the Protein Data Bank.

The images are of catalase, single stranded DNA, and of insulin. 
The pdb file numbers (Brookhaven Extension numbers) are 4BLC, 1EW1,  and 2CEU.