SMART Team Investigations Science Olympiad Models

Talking about carbon, hydrogen, water, and sugar is nice, but seeing how the chemical interactions impact us is what brings chemistry alive--in more than one way. :-).  Recently, in large part because of the involvement of professionals associated with MSOE's Center for BioMolecular Modeling, Everest students have been fortunate enough to take part in studies first hand, working to understand how chemistry affects life on a larger scale.  Everest students' involvement has been primarily in two areas: S.M.A.R.T. Team investigations led by the Center for BioMolecular Modeling and the Protein Modeling Competition as part of the Wisconsin Science Olympiad. 

As with most efforts, the input/work of many people is essential for successful projects.  In addition to the team and individual student work, the following people were essential in getting the projects off the ground.  We would like to acknowledge...

•Sean McKenna... Initial SMART Team member and website administrator... Sean designed and modified many of the templates shown on these pages.

•The many professionals at the Center for Biomolecular Modeling at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, such as 

                  •Dr. Shannon Colton... whose patience and energy certainly catalyzes many a group
                  •Dr. Tim Herman, Dr. Margaret Franzen, Dr. Diane Munzenmaier, 
                                   Dr. Michael Patrick, Gina Vogt
                  •Mark Hoelzer... web page, design, Jmol templates and assistance
                  •John Regner... Jmol Templates

SMART Team Investigations Science Olympiad Models

Modeling our Molecular World 2011

Our Lab: Projects in Work

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Background images are from pdb files downloaded from the Protein Data Bank.

The images are of catalase, single stranded DNA, and of insulin. 
The pdb file numbers (Brookhaven Extension numbers) are 4BLC, 1EW1,  and 2CEU.