SMART Team Investigations

"Injection Molding"..."HA: The Threat of Avian Flu (2005-06 )
"Pass the Raw Hamburger" E-coli Toxin (2006-07 )  
"In the Clear"...Natural and Synthetic Steroids(2007-08 )
"Misfiring"... Shutting down Mutant EGFR (2008-09)
"Security Breach"... NS1 and Innate Immunity (2009-10)
Neisseria meningitidis Pathway to Entry (2010-11 )
The Black Plague (2011-12)
Three Bee Venom Proteins (2012-13)
Ricin's (& HPDI's) Role in RIP (2013-14)
Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (2014-15 Group A)
Microcystin ... The Toledo Toxin (2014-15 Group B)
Aquaporins... Channeling Life's Vital Fluid (2015-16)
The Globins... Oxygen Catch and Release (2016-17)
Insulin and Glucagon... Nature's Catabolic and Anabolic Thermostats (2017-18)
Opioids and Addiction... Pain Mitigation or Exacerbation (or Worse) (2018-19)
VHF-Ebola...Tuning into a Killer (2019-20)


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Background images are from pdb files downloaded from the Protein Data Bank.

The images are of catalase, single stranded DNA, and of insulin. 
The pdb file numbers (Brookhaven Extension numbers) are 4BLC, 1EW1,  and 2CEU.