SMART Team Investigations

"Security Breach"... NS1 and Innate Immunity 
(2009-10 SMART Team)

                       •Jmol Animations
                                          •Nonstructural Protein 1
                                •Two Different Abstracts
NS1 Effector Binding Site of the Influenza Virus
                                           •NS1 Power Switch for Cell Receptors

•The Battle Within:  The Influenza Virus and the Keepers of the Body
                                • H1N1 and NS1's Role

• The Cell Wars Saga
•SMART Team Members


Nonstructural Protein 1... 




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Background images are from pdb files downloaded from the Protein Data Bank.

The images are of catalase, single stranded DNA, and of insulin. 
The pdb file numbers (Brookhaven Extension numbers) are 4BLC, 1EW1,  and 2CEU.