The Globins:  Oxygen Catch and Release
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  JSmol Animations

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Myoglobin:  An Oxygen Warehouse

Two Important Oxygen Carriers:  Adult and Fetal Hemoglobin

Fetal Hemoglobin's High Oxygen Affinity

b4 Hemoglobin: Nonfunctional Oxygen Carrier


Myoglobin... Muscle Globin

Alpha, Beta, Gamma Globin...RBC Globins

Fetal Hemoglobin's Higher Oxygen Affinity
4 Hemoglobin: Nonfunctional Oxygen Carrier

Poster SMART Team Members Telepresence Interaction  with 
Biomedical Engineer from Georgia Tech
Robert Mannino

Dr. Daniel Bauer 
  of Boston's Children Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Part One
Part Two

Poster Abstract

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Background image is a collage from images of myoglobin and hemoglobin complexes from student Jmol interpretations of the following Protein Data Bank Files 1MBn,1MBO,1HHO, 2HHB, and 4L7Y