Insulin and Glucagon:
Nature's Anaboloic and Catabolic Thermostats
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  JSmol Animations

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Insulin... A Solo Act

Insulin... Tied up with Friends

Insulin...Springing into Action

Monomeric Insulin

Hexameric Insulin

The Insulin Receptor

           SMART Team Members

SMART team was almost entirely directed by students this year. Special thanks to everyone for taking and showing academic leadership here at DCE. A special thanks to Liane Kee for captaining this wonderful group.  

Thank you!

The background image is a collage of images made from the Protein Data Bank and PDB 101.  The insulin and insulin receptor images are from pdb files 4ins and 3w14; the glucagon/glucagon receptor is a compilation of pdb files 1gcn, 4ers, and 4l6r; the glucose transporter images is from pdb file 4pyp